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Hi everyone
about today’s ep I can’t say I loved it cause it’s the end of something really meaningul to me but I don’t disliked it.

What I liked most of this drama was that this never lost its esence not the plot either the characters that’s why I loved it all this time…

First must thanks to cecilia really great and fast recaps really help me understanding the things I couldn’t ‘cause the acting in this drama was so good that even I’m not a korean speaker with all their expressions I could undertand what they wanna say…

The writers I watched two of their stories (with YAB they are three) and I liked them but this one I think it’s the best of them so far really good plot, jokes, parodies, everything….!

About the actors oh my!! I loved them … I always will… I can’t imagine other ppl doing this job…!>_<
(specially JGS haha sorry I’ve just fallen for him and I can’t help it =D cool.gif )
well the thing is doing a really short text for each one
Park Shin Hye really good actress must say I’ve never thought that an actress could catch my attention I’ve always watched the main male character, but for each rule there’s always an exception well for me PSH is the exception….
Jang Geun Suk oh man!! this guy really has my heart (I hope you take good care of it) like once I said the guy it’s not only a pretty face he is more, he has talent and no one can’t deny it… his expressons were everything and thanks to that maybe I waas able to understand what they were doing cause I don’t speak korean >_< JGS with the character of HTK give all of us such a joy that we won’t forget him for a long time… well me not (I told you JGS you have my heart)
Lee Hong Ki what does this kid have who melt some ppl? my sis really love I’d probably love him if he wasn’t so young for me (yeah I always be careful with age that’s why JGS if perfect for me) but this apple guy (the scene I most will remember) give us a Jeremy that even the time he was on screen was too short entertain us in a way that when he wasn’t we really missed him and even Jolie >_<, ep 14 wont’ never forget his crying why not me?? well What should I do if a guy ask me that?? oh Go Mi Nyu you are such a lucky girl…!
Jung Yong Hwa the tea guy (for me) aka towel boy, since the beginning I hated when ppl tried to compare this character with korean Rui from BOF cuz this drama is so different from others for me it is unique in its genre and this character yeah he was different … why?? well cuz he showed us he is a human too he suffers , he was in pain … well he has feelings too, sorry but korean Rui really didn’t show me that (fans don’t throw me things please!) well fist time I watched a second male character yell at me female I was oh the guy has gutts … that’s how he stole my heart?? wait that’s JGS’s forever >_< well I can say he catch my attention.
UEE this girl I honestly really HATE HER there were times I wanted to break the screen… appear in front of her and slap her for real!! but guys this is a drama so… this villain was so interesting for me and at the same time useful yeah of course cuz everything she planned FAIL!! the harder she tried to separate the characters she got the opposite making their love stronger .. but when she used our dear angels really I got pissed.
the secondary characters second doesn´t mean forgotten right?? so I will never forget the President Ahn ¡Jackpot! really funny remember ep three when he fell from his chair >_<, manager Ma, oh this guy I think we won’t forget him either well the story wouldn’t exist if this little man wouldn’t say to Mi Nam get surgery and it failed so he wnet to USAso his little sister replace him … well we know the whole story and we love it honestly I think this guy is cupid for our characters TK and Mi Nyu. Wang cordi oh this girl so imprudent always saying things she shouldn’t I love the end of her well if you do not know what I’m talking about go to watch go now!! >_<. oh mather superior I was forgetting her he she was the support Mi Nyu needed even she wasn’t there for her and MHR the evil one well she did a great job being the witch of our fairy tail… she really could join the fake fairy (noo please just a joke don’t join)

Well to the writers who create YAB LAND and to the actors who give live to these characters THANK YOU!! and everyone who made this drama posible and that we watch it REALLY THANK YOU!!

The OST congrats for that a really good OST songs that will be in my favorite list forever!!! even I dont’ know korean I’m singing them every day and trying to make covers in my native language =P

Now, about the end (oh too long yeah I know sorry about that)

maybe there will be SPOILERS SINCE NOW so if you don’t want ruin it just read next post
about the end
I loved it ‘cause it was perfect to our characters how they were growing in the last fifteen episodes so they arrive til this point. someone say about a kiss scene ppl really wanted (honestly me too) but the hug I think was enough why?? cause that’s how the limits HTK put to himself were broken so once again they were broken because of MiNyu. How TK was still himself till the end really love like I said this drama never lose its esence, how the TK’s imagination were so hillarious about possbile paths for Mi Nyu
First she accepted being a nun (When TK notice that she wanted to be a nun and his reaction?? that is something we will never know but I really want to know!!)
Second pharmacian’s wife well our dear TK doesn’t forget the conversation with Mi Nam’s friend (I really love this man jelous)
Third the fan thing really intresting how he still thinks of her and What will she do next,
Now all the conversation that he had with the chracters making him realize that if he wants something he must do something to have it!!!! even Jeremy knows that!!! well our dear Tk was always in denial about the caring of Mi Nyu about his feelings towars her, about everything he must forget his pride and get what he wants!!! so that’s why we love this man and why we follow him and this drama till the end.
Now what I dislike well the point about real Mi Nam not appearing at all!!! I needed some brother and sister relationship like “oh sis thnks for saving my career you rock” but I’d supossed everything was in a rush ‘cause it was the end 16 episodes weren’t enough for me I wish it would be 20 … from this point a second season honestly I wanted but if I’m realistic it is really hard that would happen… why?? ratings ppl and in industry this matters is really a shame but we have to face like the loyal fans that we are

about the last scene well didn’t understand but thanks to cecilia I have an idea about that I liked yeah of course ‘cause I love that hairstyle on him !!>_< that comment was superficial =P .. but being serious this scene it is what these two characters are HTK change but didn’t lose himself and GMNyu is part of this change and must be with him!! so why Africa for me it’s pointless oh well Mi Nyu come to Peru to make your work maybe TK will follow you and I have a chance >_< jaja just a joke

well guys I really LOVE this DRAMA sorry for my english maybe it’s terrible but it’s not my native laguage THE BEST DRAMA EVER FOR ME it will be hard to change my mind I wish a season 2 but I think it’s kind of impossible and JGS don’t forget this you have my heart and always you will have it!!!

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    amo esta seria en seria me encanto

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    i like *YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL*


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